No 3rd encounter

In London no one owns anything apart from crazy stories.


Female Surrealist Painters

First of all, yes, they did exist in their time and day!

Secondly, yes, they were (undeservedly) less popular than their male peers, who, by the way, very often thought they were more capable Surrealist -Artist.

And no, I am not only talking about, perhaps, the best known of all – Frida Kahlo.

While searching for some artistic inspiration, I stumbled across Remedios Varo, a Spanish Artist and Leonora Carrington, from the UK. Notably are also Maria Izquierdo and (of course) Frida Kahlo, who were were both from Mexico.

What is interesting to note, is that Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo have met at least twice and both have been well aware of the art of the other. Besides that all are connected to Mexico in one way or the other – and to Frida Kahlo’s husband, Diego Rivera. Remedios Varo fled WW II from France to Mexico where she was able to paint and exhibit her works; Leonora Carrington fled postwar Europe and the Asylum.

Leonora Carrington, was perhaps, apart from Frida Kahlo,  also the most rebellious of the named women here with a biography made for a film adaption. (It’s worth reading more about her and her books.)

In my opinion their paintings are like dreams: surreal, magical, gothic and also tragic.

Nowadays they would remind the viewer very much of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow or Edward Scissorhands.

Recommended further reading: “Spiele der Frauen. Künstlerinnen im Surrealismus.” by Karoline Hille, 2009. 

Healthy Banana Bread – Clean

Since I have started clean eating I have been collecting more and more recipes to further dive into my new life style. The following is for banana bread.

What you need:

3-4 really ripe Bananas

2 free-range Eggs (or 80 ml vegetable oil)

1 Apple minced

200 gr Almond flour or Dinkel/ Wheat,  whatever you prefer

1 Pack of Baking soda or use yeast

1/2 tbls of cinnamon

Additional: If it isn’t sweet enough add some honey or agave syrup

  1. whisk egg and bananas plus the apple.
  2. Then add the cinnamon, baking powder/ better yeast (let the yeast develop) & flour
  3. Put into a bread baking tray
  4. Put in the oven for 45 minutes – 180 C°
  5. Test with stick if it is completely baked

Et voilà there you have a really low calorie alternative Banana Bread.


Sugar REHAB – Stopping my sugar addiction.

This might be off topic, but I have recently been able to recognise that I have a mayor sugar addiction which has thwarted all my efforts to endorse a more healthy life style.

I don’t like new years resolutions at all, but this year I want to overcome my sugar addiction therefore checking into sugar rehab.

But it’s everywhere! It’s in everything and so hard to avoid in todays world, just like Alcohol (which by the way also turns into sugar, duh).

This is nothing new to health fetishists and Instagram nutrition bloggers etc. and I usually don’t like the “Gwyneth Paltrow health obsessed”-lifestyle because as I see it, you only live once and I believe there is nothing better than I plate of hot steaming pasta with fresh Parmesan cheese. 

But let’s face it, this is not the most figure flattering food.

And besides since I am a nerd, I searched for papers supporting my long held fears about sugar. I found out that it’s not only sugar but also carbohydrates that are turned into sugar connections for digestion.

I guess this basically tells us to reduce our sugar and carbohydrate intake massively. The problem is the addiction which is hard to overcome. Green tea and ginger help though! And lots of water.

Needless to say, I relapsed a few times, but still haven’t lost hope that it will get better and that I will overcome my sugar and carbohydrate cravings. (I kind of hate this lack of self control).

The great thing is, at least sugar and carbohydrates only kill you slowly which is a win-win situation for big companies because you still have some years (or not) to stuff yourself with their crap until you develop cancer or diabetes and then die.


A new year and Mozart in the Jungle is back!!!

One of the few modern TV shows that are worth your time! And on top of all, this is no recycled show format with which many networks seem to like to play on the viewers safe side nowadays – see for example Fuller House, Gilmore Girls and even Friends etc.

What a story and what actors. Don’t know where to start.

I watched it all night on new years eve and it was fantastic. The ending left more questions than the first seasons ending.

One would have never guessed the way Hailey Rutledge has evolved. And well, I think Rodrigo is the most brilliant and obnoxious person ever, who cannot admit to himself, how much he cares for her.It’s incredible to see how Gael Garcia Bernal has created this genial character.

This whole show feels incredibly real – or let’s say human, and you cannot help but to like the quirky characters. It creates this certain fascinations that so few shows are able to create. In addition, notable this season, are the cameos of several stars of the classical music scene making this whole concept even more realistic.

In sum, Hailey is not waiting for Rodrigo to finally realise what’s going on. Instead she moves forward with her own goals, ambitions and dreams meanwhile she still makes faux pas with orchestra now and then. It makes the whole character development more complex, realistic and gives it this special edge. Lola Kirke has this warm and funny side to her that you have no choice but to love.

I always wondered if it was only the Book by Blair Tindal that inspired the Coppola Family to produce this series but since a recent Vanity Fair Interview with Francis Ford Coppola I wonder if there was also inspiration drawn from Grandfather Carmine Coppola, who was a striving professional musician. (

Now, I am sad to have to wait another year for the next season! Glad that it was renewed for a third season but this was to be expected after they won two Golden Globes.

Here is the trailer for the new season:


Of understanding overhead allocations

During the writing of my last assignment for university I came across the Horngren Book : Introduction to management accounting. I was about to completely lose it because I couldn’t figure out where the variance of the variable costs came from. This book saved my day and I can recommend it warmly to everyone who studies  something finance related and has to deal with budgeting.


All nighter or how to slowly torture you brain.


I herby vow that this will be my last all nighter for the short reminder of my university life.

(This excludes series binge-watching and writing)

The only excuse I have is that this is my Master Thesis and that I want to do the best I can in the little time that is left.

I discovered a mistake two days before the hand in I made by using a parametric test when in truth I should have used a non parametric test. You damn not normally distributed dependent variable!

Andy Field and Justine you are my knights in shining armor! 

I think you know that you have a true friend if she helps you out formatting your thesis (because you suck at it, duh) even though she is in Thailand on holiday.

Ah, I am blessed.

This article illustrates briefly what sleep loss does to our precious brains:

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White Oleander

I should have been cautious with the white Oleander.

Your toxic beauty can be misleading;

Your nature intriguing.


You were a splendid match, I thought.

Yet, you cannot love my kind.

You said that you’d tried.


Never had I guessed you weren’t for me.

White Oleander only likes its own kind.

But never mind.